“I’ve learned that the decision to have surgery is about so much more than just an operation on your stomach. It’s about embracing a new lifestyle, changing your mindset, and believing in yourself.” -Tanya

Over the last few decades, laparoscopic surgeries have been available in more hospitals, and more surgeons have become experienced in laparoscopic techniques. This is great news for patients. Minimally invasive surgeries mean faster recovery time, smaller external scars, and may mean less internal scar tissue.

Gastrointestinal surgeries and bariatric surgeries are no exception. Dr. Andrew Averbach and Dr. Isam Hamdallah at Saint Agnes Medical Group at Baltimore, Maryland, perform all of their surgeries in the least invasive way that they can.

Digestive system showing the effects of bypass surgery

During a laparoscopic surgery, the team uses a piece of equipment called a laparoscope. This is a long metal tube with a small camera attached. Through this camera, doctors can see inside of the body. They can make other small incisions that allow probes or other instruments to be inserted into the body; an entire surgery can be performed with just a few small external incisions. Compared to traditional methods of open incision surgery, patients experience less bleeding, fewer scars, and better overall outcomes from this minimally invasive technique.

Dr. Averbach and Dr. Hamdallah offer several types of weight loss surgeries in Baltimore, Maryland, that are performed using minimally invasive techniques.
Which surgery is right for you depends on your unique medical history and current health. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our team and discuss the best way to restore your optimal health.

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