A Relationship that Matters

Sometimes it takes a team to help you reach your goals. Saint Agnes Bariatric Center of Excellence surgeons and team members form strong bonds with our patients that begin with your first seminar, continue into all of your appointments preparing you for your procedure and provide support over the years to come. Our patients tell us they value the special ongoing relationship that comes from having a surgeon who knows you, your history, what causes you to struggle, and what makes you come alive.

Relationship That Matters with Top Rated Bariatric Surgeons In Maryland

While bariatric surgeries are most commonly equated with weight loss, there are a number of other GI problems that can be surgically treated when other, less invasive methods have failed. For example, surgery might relieve acid reflux, hernias, gallbladder pain, and more.Dr. Averbach and Dr. Hamdallah perform advanced laparoscopic and endoscopic surgeries and procedures like:

Dr. Hamdallah and Dr. Averbach joined the Saint Agnes Bariatric Surgery Center in 2002, and have since performed more than 4,000 bariatric procedures as leaders in the center, helping to make it the top program in Maryland. St. Agnes’ program has been recognized by the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) and the American College of Surgeons Fully Accredited Comprehensive Center of Excellence for bariatric surgery. The program has helped more patients than any other hospital in the state.

To learn more about weight loss surgery, find out if you might qualify for the procedure, of if you have questions about the other minimally invasive GI surgeries that we perform, call the office at 667-234-8725 to schedule a free consultation appointment today.

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