First Step:

Your surgical weight loss journey is best started with gathering information and educating yourself on pros and cons of bariatric surgery. The first step to surgery at Saint Agnes is attending our online seminar. A lot of additional information on the surgery itself and your life after surgery can be found our website. Please write down all your questions so you can further discuss them with your surgeon.

Schedule a Virtual Appointment with a Surgeon:

The next step after attending a seminar is scheduling your new patient consultation with our office. After scheduling, you will be mailed a patient packet outlining information we need to determine the best plan of action for you. You also find the patient packet on the Patient Information page. Please take time to meticulously fill in the patient questionnaire, obtain copy of your most recent History & Physical, labs, clinical notes from other treating physicians before your appointment.

Virtual Psychological Evaluation:

You may schedule your psychological evaluation at any time before or after surgical consultation at the office. If you elect to see psychologist not affiliated with our program, please ask this professional to prepare their evaluation based on requirements for psychological evaluation for bariatric surgery. These requirements are included in the Patient Packet or can be found here.

Surgical Consultation:

During the initial consultation with your surgeon you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss available surgical options. Based on your previous history and reported symptoms, your surgeon will recommend further testing in order to find the best surgical option for you.

After the surgical consultation, our office will verify with your insurance company your benefits and requirements for bariatric surgery in Marylandas mandated by your insurance plan. Within a week after consultation, our insurance specialist will call you to advise on what must be completed in order to obtain coverage for bariatric surgery. This same specialist will be coordinating further collection of documents for approval before surgery.

Bariatric Dietician:

Consultation by our bariatric dietician should be scheduled after your initial surgical consultation. The dietician will determine the extent of education you will need prior to surgery. This education varies between primary bariatric surgery patients and those who are seeking revision bariatric surgery.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Program for Insurance Coverage:

Many patients will have to complete a non-surgical weight loss program of 3-6 months duration as mandated by their insurance plan. It is important that this program is supervised by a licensed professional and is documented with monthly visits.

Group Support Meetings:

Please join our support group meetings to meet other patients and get better understanding of changes that bariatric surgery will bring into you daily life. This free support group is open to the public and is intended for anyone interested in the surgery, about to have the surgery or a post-op patient. The group is held on the first Monday every month in the Saint Agnes Alagia Auditorium.

Preoperative Follow Up Consultation with Surgeon:

Your follow up visit with the bariatric surgeon in Maryland will be scheduled close to completion of your work up and non-surgical weight loss program. By that time, you probably will be well prepared, but again write down all questions you might have to discuss with your surgeon. At this appointment results of all tests will be reviewed with you and a final decision would be made about type of proposed bariatric procedure and any associated recommended surgery (hiatal hernia repair, gall bladder removal and etc). To minimize your risks and to facilitate laparoscopic approach, you might be recommended to do Preoperative Liquid Protein diet for 2-4 weeks prior to surgery.

Last Steps Immediately Before Surgery:

You will also receive Preoperative patient packet containing instructions on how to prepare for surgery, what medications to stop or continue taking through the day of surgery, informed consent forms, and prescriptions for postoperative blood clots prophylaxis. You also will be scheduled for Preoperative surgical class (different from bariatric dietician class). This is taught by the Bariatric nurse coordinators about one week before your scheduled surgery. This class covers variety of topics in preparation for surgery: what happens on the day of surgery, what happens during your stay in the hospital, as well as important steps you will be making immediately after discharge from the hospital.

Have a Safe and Rewarding Surgical Journey!

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