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Weight Loss Medication Vs Surgery: Comparing The Two


When it comes to losing weight, you have several options that you can select from. One is to get weight loss surgery as many people choose to do. The other common option is to take medications.

However, many people often have the question of whether weight loss surgery vs. medication is the best option for them. Let’s talk about some of the benefits and advantages of each of these methods. That way you can choose the best path for yourself.

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Weight Loss Surgery Versus Medication

Let’s distinguish between GLP meds vs. surgery for losing excess weight:


When losing weight via medication you might take pills, powders or other consumable items. Ultimately these medications typically focus on reducing your appetite via chemicals.

Weight loss medications have somewhat fallen out of favor in recent years. Several decades ago they were popular.

Many people took diet pills which sped up their metabolism and reduced their appetite. However, there are several side effects to taking weight loss medications. Oftentimes they can create unwanted symptoms and the negatives can outweigh the benefits.

Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery involves a variety of operations such as gastric sleeve surgery and gastric bypass surgery which are some of the more common choices.

With weight loss surgery you typically reduce the size of your stomach and therefore reduce your appetite naturally. The amount of food that you can eat is also reduced as a result.

Since you can eat less food, you will consume fewer calories and therefore your weight will go down over time. That’s why many people choose to get weight loss surgery over medications.

Longevity Of Results With Weight Loss Surgery

When undergoing a weight loss procedure, you don’t have to continue to take medication just to keep the weight off.

Instead, once your body heals and recovers, you are prepared to maintain a lower weight for the rest of your life — as long as you keep your diet and exercise regimen intact.

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