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Advantages of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Advantages of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

With so many types of weight loss procedures available, it can be difficult to settle on the one that is perfect for you. After all, each has its advantages and disadvantages. So why should you consider gastric sleeve in Maryland above other surgeries? In truth, it isn’t always best, but for many patients it is. And it comes down to these key gastric sleeve benefits.

Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

  1. Stomach Function:

    With gastric sleeve surgery, your stomach is made smaller—much smaller. However, its function is not altered. This means that you can continue to eat most foods, just in smaller portions, and with a healthier approach.

  2. Ease of Conversion:

    For some patients, the sleeve doesn’t end up being ideal for their weight loss goals. Should this happen, the sleeve can easily be converted into a gastric bypass during revision surgery.

  3. Hunger Reduction:

    With this procedure, the upper portion of the stomach is eliminated. It is this portion that produces the majority of ghrelin in the body. Known as the hunger hormone, it stimulates appetite, so reducing it can stop hunger pangs.

  4. Reduced Acid Secretion:

    After gastric procedures, stomach ulcers are a serious concern. Since the gastric sleeve reduces acid secretion, there is a reduced likelihood of an ulcer developing. (

  5. Normal Nutrient Absorption:

    The biggest competing surgery to gastric sleeve is gastric bypass. This reroutes the intestines, reducing nutrient absorption, requiring supplements for life. With the sleeve, you absorb nutrients like always. This is a major gastric sleeve benefit. Want to know more about nutrition and diet after gastric sleeve surgery? Check out our blog on “Diet After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

  6. Reduced Capacity:

    Like most weight-loss surgeries, the sleeve reduces your stomach capacity, making it more difficult to overeat. This is important if your obesity is related to binge eating.

  7. No Dumping Syndrome:

    One of the worst side effects of gastric bypass is dumping syndrome, a painful condition that results when food is not properly digested. The sleeve is not associated with this.

  8. It’s a Simple Procedure:

    While still complex enough to require the work of a specialized surgeon, it is comparatively much easier than gastric bypass and the duodenal switch procedure, which means it comes with faster surgery times and lower risk.

  9. Even the Morbidly Obese Can Get It:

    You might think that weight loss surgery should always be for those who qualify as morbidly obese, but in some cases, the procedures aren’t safe. However, the sleeve is.

Do these sound like benefits you’d like to enjoy? Then now is the time to set up your consultation about gastric sleeve surgery in Maryland. Contact MD Bariatrics today to schedule your appointment.

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