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Exercise After Bariatric Surgery

Exercise After Bariatric Surgery

After bariatric surgeries in Maryland, it is essential that patients do their part to facilitate weight loss and enhance their overall health. Part of that is exercising regularly. We know: exercise after bariatric surgery sounds a bit overwhelming, especially if you were not maintaining an exercise regimen prior to your procedure. However, it is essential to your long-term weight loss success, burning calories, making your bones healthier, and improving strength and balance. Here’s what you need to know about exercise after weight loss surgery.

Benefits of Exercise After Bariatric Surgery

Not quite sold on the importance of bariatric exercises? Consider these benefits.

It Facilitates Healthy Weight Loss

Shedding pounds is great, but there are healthy and unhealthy types of weight loss. When you rely strictly on reducing calorie intake, you end up losing muscle mass, which can have negative consequences for your overall health. Top-rated bariatric surgeons in Maryland emphasize how essential working out is to realize your body goals and should provide you with a detailed guide to getting fit, not just thin.

You Overall Feel Better

A big motivator for seeking bariatric surgery in Maryland is a lack of energy. The more weight you carry around, the more tired you feel. But just shedding pounds won’t make the difference most patients are seeking. For that, you have to exercise. Working out helps the blood flow more easily and the lungs work better, both of which contribute to your energy levels. Plus, it can also make it easier to get to sleep and sleep deeper, letting you wake up refreshed.

Mental Health Gets a Boost

It is common for people seeking bariatric surgery to struggle with their mental health. Issues like binge eating are typically tied to anxiety and depression. When you exercise, the body releases endorphins, which give you a mood boost and help to stabilize the brain chemistry.

How to Approach Exercise After Bariatric Surgery

When your surgeon walks you through the bariatric surgery step-by-step process, including exercise and everything else that comes after your procedure. Typically, patients are asked to divide their workouts between three areas of focus:
  • Cardio
  • Muscle building
  • Mobility
Cardio burns calories and boosts your energy reserves. It focuses on getting the heart pumping and the blood flowing. As an added benefit, consistent cardio exercise can actually improve your metabolism, meaning you will burn more calories even when at rest. Muscle building often increases your weight since muscle weighs more than fat, but this isn’t very noticeable after weight loss surgery. What you will notice is that you will feel more powerful and ready to be more active in your day-to-day life. It can also help avoid or reduce the appearance of saggy skin. Mobility helps prevent injuries when completing other exercises. Depending on the type of mobility workouts you choose, they can also help improve your posture and lengthen your muscles, giving you a taller and thinner appearance. Working out after bariatric surgery is important, but you should also maintain a healthy lifestyle. Meet with our bariatric dietitian to get a proper diet for your post-surgery needs. To learn more about the right approach to exercise programs after bariatric surgery, speak with the experts at Ascension Saint Agnes Bariatric Surgery.

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