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Life After Weight Loss Surgery

Living Life After Weight Loss Surgery: A Simple Guide

Weight loss surgery is a big step. It promises to change a person’s life by causing them to lose a large amount of weight in a short period of time. This changes a lot of aspects about a person’s life, from their lifestyle to their diet. But what’s life like after weight loss surgery, and how can people lose the most weight after the surgery?

How Should I Eat After Weight Loss Surgery?

After surgery, your doctor will put you on a special diet. This diet is followed in phases, and you will be required to follow this diet to a T. The diet we’ve provided may not be the exact diet you follow, as it will be your doctor that tells you what you’re going to need to eat and when.

Phase 1: Clear Liquids (0-1 days post-op)

This is the liquid fast that all patients start with. The reason patients have to do this fast is due to the stomach not being able to deal with regular foods for a few days after surgery.. Allowed foods: water, decaf tea, decaf coffee, thin broth, and approved electrolyte beverages.

Phase 2: Full Liquids (weeks 1-3 post op)

This diet consists of mostly protein drinks, low fat, low sugar yogurts, and non-carbonated non-alcoholic beverages can also be added. You may also add protein powders to boot your protein totals.

Phase 3 Pureed Foods (weeks 3-6)

Foods that can be blended into a smooth, non-chunky puree can now be consumed. Juices, lactose free milk, protein shakes, meal replacement shakes, and non-carbonated non-alcoholic beverages can also be added. This diet will be very low in protein. As a result, your doctor will require that you consume liquid protein supplements in order to meet your protein goals.

Phase 4: Soft Foods (Week 7-8)

Foods like scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, ground meats, and other soft foods are reintroduced into the diet. These foods do not require much digestion, allowing them to be safely added back to the diet. Patients are advised to continue consuming the protein supplements at this stage.

Phase 5: Week 9

Some foods can be introduced at this stage, such as lean meats and certain vegetables. Eventually, patients will be able to eat most whole foods without any complications.Patients are advised to continue consuming the protein supplements at this stage if not meeting their protein goals. However, some foods should continue to be avoided. Foods high in fat, spicy foods, and alcoholic or caffeinated beverages can cause digestive complications.

How To Lose The Most Weight After Weight Loss Surgery

Start an exercise regimen as soon as you’re able to.

Exercise is an excellent way to burn calories, especially when you’re eating so little. If you want to sustain weight loss and break through the inevitable plateau, you’re going to want to be active and exercising. Patients will be instructed to start with daily walks. As a patient recovers, they will be able to start jogging, resistance training, and even play recreational sports.

Make it a goal to get your protein requirements.

You will need between 60 and 80 grams of protein each day to meet your daily protein requirements. The actual number will be given to you by your Dietitian. The reason why getting your protein requirements is so important to weight loss is because you’ll need to eat foods that satiate you. Foods with protein will make you feel more satisfied, rather than foods that don’t have a lot of protein.

Stick to healthy, whole foods.

Don’t fall into the trap of eating calorically dense foods! Many patients find that, as soon as they’re able to, they begin craving unhealthy foods. To stop this, keep them out of your life as much as possible. Pizza, cheeseburgers, fried chicken, and other foods high in calories should be eaten only very sparingly, saving them for special occasions and even then, only small portions. Sticking to a diet made up of whole grains, lean meats, vegetables, and fruits will be ideal for promoting continued weight loss all the way to your ideal weight.

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