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Is a Stretched Stomach After Gastric Sleeve Possible?

Is a Stretched Stomach After Gastric Sleeve Possible?


A gastric sleeve surgery is a weight loss operation that removes a large portion of the stomach. The stomach is then reshaped into a slim tube or “sleeve.” This procedure has been growing in popularity because it is less invasive than a gastric bypass and can be reversed if necessary.

The recovery process following a gastric sleeve surgery is relatively short; most people can return to work within two weeks. The amount of weight loss achieved with the procedure depends on how well people adhere to a healthy lifestyle after surgery.

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One question that many people have is whether or not the stomach will stretch after the surgery. We will explore the possibility of a stretched stomach after gastric sleeve surgery.

How Does Gastric Sleeve Surgery Work?

First, the surgeon places several small incisions in the belly, allowing them to insert a laparoscope and other instruments to remove part of the stomach, leaving a narrow tube or “sleeve” of stomach tissue. This dramatically reduces hunger since much less food can be eaten at once and limits the production of ghrelin, an essential hormone in hunger signals.

What is the Risk of a Stretched Stomach After a Gastric Sleeve?

Though gastric sleeve surgery can be an effective weight loss tool, there is always a risk that the stomach could stretch back out. This could happen due to various reasons like:

a) Not Following Dietary Guidelines:

After the surgery, your stomach’s capacity is much smaller. This means you should follow a rigorous diet to ensure you stay within your healthy caloric intake and nutritional guidelines. The stomach can stretch over time if these dietary guidelines are not followed.

b) Social Eating:

Eating with family and friends can be an extraordinary social experience, but it also means eating more than you should. When dining with others, it is essential to remember to practice portion control and stick to your dietary plan.

c) Unhealthy Bingeing:

If you have poor eating habits before the surgery, these unhealthy behaviors can still impact you afterward. Binging on unhealthy food can make your stomach stretch back out.

How to Prevent a Stretched Stomach After Gastric Sleeve?

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent your stomach from stretching after gastric sleeve surgery:

a) Follow Post-

Surgery Guidelines: Following the post-surgery guidelines as prescribed by your doctor is the best way to ensure that you don’t experience a stretched stomach after gastric sleeve surgery. This includes taking time off work, avoiding alcohol and soft drinks, eating healthy meals with low calorie counts, drinking plenty of water, and exercising regularly.

b) Eat Slowly:

Eating slowly can help reduce the chances of your stomach stretching after gastric sleeve surgery. This is because eating too quickly can cause the stomach to become overstretched. Eating slowly also helps you better process what you’re consuming, which will help with digestion and nutrient absorption.

c) Avoid Eating Large Meals:

To reduce the chances of your stomach stretching after gastric sleeve surgery, it’s best to avoid eating large meals. Instead, stick to smaller portions and snacks throughout the day. This will help ensure that your stomach doesn’t become overstretched.

d) Avoid Drinking During Meals:

Drinking beverages during meals can cause the stomach to stretch and become overly full. To avoid this, it’s best to drink liquids between meals or an hour before and after you eat.

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