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Is It Possible to Get Gastric Sleeve Twice?

Is It Possible to Get Gastric Sleeve Twice?

Sometimes, bariatric surgery doesn’t go quite as planned the first time around. Maybe there are complications, or perhaps the level of weight loss achieved just doesn’t meet expectations. No matter the reason, plenty of people find themselves wondering, can I get gastric sleeve surgery twice? Allow us to explain.

Can You Have the Gastric Sleeve Twice?

Technically speaking, the answer is no. It’s not possible to have two separate gastric sleeve surgeries. However, there is a similar procedure called gastric sleeve revision surgery that can help you achieve many of the same results as another gastric sleeve surgery would. So what’s the difference?

Gastric Sleeve Revision vs. Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve revision surgery is a procedure that is performed to correct or improve the results of a previous gastric sleeve surgery. This might be necessary if there are complications after the first surgery, if the patient doesn’t lose enough weight, or if they experience other problems.

In contrast, gastric sleeve surgery is a procedure that is performed to help people achieve significant weight loss. This surgery involves removing part of the stomach so that it can no longer hold as much food. The smaller stomach size restricts how much food a person can eat, which leads to weight loss over time. You cannot remove 80% of the stomach twice. Therefore, you cannot get the gastric sleeve twice.

Gastric Sleeve Conversion to Gastric Bypass

There is another procedure that is sometimes performed instead of gastric sleeve revision surgery called gastric bypass conversion. With this surgery, the stomach is divided into a small upper pouch and a large lower pouch. The food goes into the small upper pouch, which restricts how much food can be eaten at one time. Then, the food passes from the small upper pouch directly to the large lower pouch, bypassing most of the stomach. This procedure helps people lose weight because they are limited in how much they can eat as well as by how quickly the food moves through their digestive system.

So Which Is Right for Me?

If you’re not entirely happy with your results from a previous gastric sleeve surgery, then gastric sleeve revision surgery may be right for you. This procedure can help correct any problems that you experienced after your first surgery and help you lose more weight. However, if you’re looking to achieve significant weight loss, a revision to gastric bypass might be better.

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